College Offering

If you’re a student with a lack of clarity, an identity crisis, peer pressure, or low self-confidence, PepApp can help you with everything from job choices to lifestyle choices
Workshops and
Group Therapy

Students, instructors, and parents will benefit from this resource.

Realtime Monitoring & Assessment

To identify students who have exceptional needs and to provide timely help.

Advice From

Our experienced team of mental health practitioners is always available.

What We Provide

Providing students with the tools they need to deal with strength
Intervention at the right time
Identifying pupils who require immediate attention and providing them with the resources they need to get started.
Online/Onsite workshops
Ongoing awareness and group workshops, both online and on-site.

Our panel of world class mental health experts oversees the programme. Students with special needs receive individual counselling and follow-up on a regular basis.

Tools For Tracking And Monitoring
Providing schools and parents with the tools they need to track the program’s progress and outcomes while maintaining confidentiality and security.
Behaviour makeover program

Improvise the student’s approach towards academics and life in whole.

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